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Networking Tools and Apps Job Seekers Should Know

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In recent months, thousands of people have decided to retire early or leave the job market for a period of time. This has been labeled as the “Great Resignation” by some, widely attributed to the pandemic in part. But an even more appropriate term may be the “Great Reshuffling” as individuals look to change careers and industries. As time passes, many people are considering looking for work that offers them greater value if not reward. But finding employment in the aftermath of the pandemic isn’t the same as before. Old job networking tools such as job fairs have yet to reemerge. And new apps for job seekers have appeared to fill the void.

Interestingly, there are several apps for job seekers that can help with networking and with finding the perfect opportunities. Many of these are relatively new, coming of age during the pandemic. Others have advanced their platforms to accommodate a digital age where job searches are predominantly handled online. For those looking for new positions, especially in new industries, these job networking tools are essential. As a result, the following lists several apps for job seekers that might be explored in today’s rapidly changing environment.

“Online communities are a huge tool to connect with other people, and their importance escalated even more so during the pandemic. Getting information, understanding the trends in job searching, and supporting each other is really everything.” – Wendy Saccuzzo, Head of Hiring Services, Tech Ladies

Top Apps for Job Seekers Today

Naturally, those looking for work today must turn to online forums and sites in order to apply. Some require online video interviews, and most all of them utilize software to screen applicants and resumes. Those that appear to be leading the way in a post-pandemic world includes ones that list job openings and connect seekers with employers. (Read more about the businesses thriving in the post-pandemic world in this Bold story!) And each has unique services that can help in this regard

  • LinkedIn – Over the course of the last year, LinkedIn has seen a 50% increase in users. In the process, it has adapted to many of the changes that the pandemic has triggered. One of the most important includes filters that allows searches based on on-site versus remote/hybrid work. LinkedIn also continues to be an excellent resource for industry information.
  • Indeed – This app for job seekers is well-known and has hundreds of thousands of job listings online. But it too has evolved in the last year. One of the most notable additions to the platform involves the ability for employers to conduct video interviews over the site. This has proved to be one of the important job networking tools as remote work has become more popular. (Dig deeper into the remote work pivot in this Bold story.)
  • ZipRecruiter – Another app for job seekers that’s popular is ZipRecruiter. Its recent advances include the use of artificial intelligence to allow conversations with potential job applicants. Its AI bot, Phil, learns about specific interests, skills, and wants of individuals in an effort to better connect them with jobs and recruiters. This makes it a very attractive app for job seekers who want to find the perfect match.

“The immense growth we’ve seen across Fishbowl’s digital communities — or bowls — over the past 18 months highlights the critical need for jobseekers and employees to gain information from people beyond their immediate circle.” – Matt Sunbulli, CEO and Co-Founder of Glassdoor’s Fishbowl

Essential Job Networking Tools

Finding available job openings and connecting with employers is certainly important. But for many people today, they want to work for a company that has value and meets their personal and professional needs. The best way to do this is through professional networking efforts, which has also moved into the online arena. The following are some that can help greatly in this regard.

  • Slack – This app for job seekers has been cited as one of the best job networking tools. The platform is used by many companies to facilitate internal communications. But it also is being frequently utilized for broader insights about insiders within specific industries. In addition, Slack offers tremendous opportunities for networking in an age when doing so is much more difficult than before.
  • Fishbowl – Believe it or not, Glassdoor’s Fishbowl has over 1 million users currently. It too offers individuals great job networking tools by connecting job seekers to professionals in specific industries. By broadening connections in areas of interest, it’s becoming one of the most popular apps for job seekers.
  • Blind – When it comes to finding the right position, company culture is an important factor. This is where Blind can help as it helps job seekers learn more about a company’s culture from existing employees. Through a chat-based forum, potential applicants can often get the inside scoop regarding an employer they are considering.

“The white-collar tools don’t take into consideration what’s needed for an hourly worker. There’s been no place for restaurant workers to go to get advice on what they need to do to build their skills.” – Ware Sykes, CEO of Seasoned

Industry Specific Job Apps

One of the more intriguing developments as of late are apps for job seekers in industry-specific areas. Some target restaurant workers while others address the needs of hourly workers. Others offer unique services such as resume scans and resume quality scores. Depending on the needs of the person looking, these platforms can also be of great help in finding the right job.

  • Seasoned – As the name might imply, Seasoned is an app for job seekers within the restaurant industry. The company represents over 300 restaurants in 100,000 U.S. locations. It also has placed more than 250,000 employees. For those in the restaurant industry, it’s one of the important job networking tools meeting employers’ and employees’ unique needs.
  • Snagajob – Other industry-specific workers benefit from job networking tools as well. For those in hourly positions, Snagajob is one of the more popular apps for job seekers. Another similar platform is also Instawork, which similarly tailors to hourly-wage employees. These provide not only job listings but networking and informational resources as well.
  • Jobscan – One of the challenges today is getting one’s resume recognized. Most platforms use automation and software to screen resumes based on job descriptions. Jobscan offers a single free scan of one’s resume to assess its quality and renders an overall score. Subsequent resumes are charged a fee for scans thereafter. But this is also a valuable tool for job seekers in today’s marketplace.

Navigating Today’s Job Market

Based on recent reports, roughly 40% of workers under 40 years of age are considering a job change. The pandemic allowed them time to reconsider career options as well as life pursuits. But in the process, job networking tools changed and new apps for job seekers emerged. Knowing these tools and apps are important in order to get one’s foot in the door and in finding the right fit. At the same time, however, some things have not changed. Relationships still matter, and networking skills remain essential. Thus, while the tools have changed, the ultimate goals have not. Regardless of what apps and sites are utilized, job seekers should still strive to make real personal connections. Using modern tools to achieve these objectives is ultimately what will prove to be the most productive.


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