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Nike Back To The Future Shoes Is Here

Adidas Germany Factory.

Once only a futuristic idea in the classic film trilogy “Back to the Future,” Nike’s self-lacing sneakers are finally jumping from the movie screen and into reality. This bold idea has been in peoples’ minds for over 15 years, but the Beaverton, Oregon-based shoe giant revealed they recently mass-produced the designs, with plans of selling them right across America.

“It’s amazing how many people are excited when they try it on and it’s a really interesting experience,” Hatfield said.

Nike Back To The Future Shoes – Hyperadapt 1.0

The special edition Nike’s Hyperadapt 1.0 retails for a whopping $720, making them the most expensive sneakers sold on the commercial market to date. Despite the extravagant price tag, both movie and sneaker fans have been snapping them up like hot cakes, so much so that they are now set to go global, extending out into the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects, and one of the most influential designers of the past 30 years, designed the revolutionary shoe. The self-lacing sneaker marks a new era for Nike, according to GQ Magazine.

Hatfield’s Hyperadapt 1.0 design was so popular when it launched in the States that it sold out in just 8 minutes! Hatfield is also the creative mind behind great sneakers like Air Max 1, Air Mag, Huarches, Air Windrunner, Air Revolution, Air Safari, Air Tech Challenge, many Air Jordan styles, and much more.

“The Hyperadapt 1.0 is a performance shoe that aims to diminish an athlete’s primary concern – distraction,” GQ described in a feature. “An athlete, particularly in sports like basketball and running, does not have time to worry about laces, and this was something Hatfield and his team wanted to tackle.”


Instead of lacing the sneakers, a sensor touch system laces up the shoe for the owner. The lace pressure on the foot adapts to the movement of the shoe and close up around the foot with the right amount of pressure at any given time. Hatfield is hoping that in the future this can be taken one step further, and become a fully automatic lacing system, which means once you slip your foot in the sneaker everything will be done for you, just like in the movies.

“It’s amazing how many people are excited when they try it on and it’s a really interesting experience,” Hatfield said.

“Probably what will happen is that shoes, and other products as well, will become more adaptable and modernized through technology. Then there will also probably be an appeal to have shoes and products that are old school, which is what we continuously see in fashion. There will just be a new, modern reason for buying and performing in new athletic footwear, because it does something different,” he added.

It takes bold ideas like this to bring humanity into the 21st century. Not only are inventors able to take ideas that were given life on the big screen and turn them into reality, but are giving consumers the option to buy futuristic and technologically advanced products.

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