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Environmental and Social Business Responsibility

Social Responsibility Of Business For Environmental Sustainability

Companies across the globe are demonstrating they can show environmental and social responsibility without government regulatory “encouragement.” To at least 348,000 bold leaders, creating a sustainable future makes good business sense.

Social and environmental responsibility - BrandsStella Artois is one of the 348,000 forward thinking leaders supporting Sustainable Brands, a collaboration of bold innovators committed to environmentally and socially responsible business practices. In 2015, Stella Artois initiated the Buy a Lady a Drink campaign in partnership with to raise awareness of the global water crisis. This year, the company is amping up their commitment to having a bold impact by announcing the goal of providing 3.5 million people with sustainable access to clean water by 2020.

In another exciting joint venture, to celebrate World Water Day, Stella Artois and National Geographic are raising awareness of the global water crisis through a documentary, Our Dream of Water (premiering on NATGEO on March 22). Crystal Moselle, winner of the 2015 Sundance Jury Prize, directed the film. Working on this projected triggered another socially responsible objective. “Having partnered with Crystal throughout the making of Our Dream of Water, I have seen how impactful female filmmakers can be when sharing the stories of other women around the world,” commented Harry Lewis, Stella Artois’ vice president. “Our commitment doesn’t end here. Through Stella Artois’ partnership with Women in Film we’re going to continue this legacy of supporting female filmmakers, like Crystal, who are using the power of film to provoke change.”

By exercising brand power, a documentary from Stella Artois and Nat Geo shines light on the Global Water Crisis.

Sustainable Brands is the collaborative effort of bold business leaders across the world committed to conducting business in a way to assure “a sustainably abundant future” for all. Since 2006, the organization has fostered innovation for sustainability through live and online events, learning groups, an online resource library, and access to member solutions providers.  Change drivers from the world over will attend this year’s annual conference, Redefining the Good Life, May 22 – 25 in Detroit, Michigan.

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