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The Race Is On—Electric Car Charging Stations Expand Globally

electronic car charging innovation

Some believe a tipping point is approaching where electric vehicle (EV) sales will explode. In order for this to become a reality, one thing is clear. Electric car charging stations must be plentiful enough to meet consumer needs. Having too few charging stations has been an issue…at least until now. A number of companies are putting their hats in the electric car charging arena. As a result, the electric car charging station infrastructure is rapidly growing worldwide.

As the number of vendors providing electric car charging station increase, they will certainly disrupt EV market sales. In fact, there are signs this is already happening. Globally, annual EV sales recently exceeded 1 million. If better electric car charging stations are available, experts predict these figures will rise quickly in coming years. The UK alone expects 12 million EVs using its electric car charging station infrastructure by 2040.

Governments Getting in on the Action

For many countries, creating electric car charging stations is needed for a changing economy and transportation sector. Tax breaks and financial incentives are not uncommon for companies building these charging stations. But some are taking a more aggressive approach. In the UK, officials are proposing that all new homes and offices should come with car charging stations. Likewise, all new lampposts would be mandated to have electric car charging stations as well.

According to UK Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, this infrastructure is essential for national goals. Electric car charging stations would drive EV sales. This would make the UK a more attractive marketplace for international firms. With targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, the UK would welcome more electric car charging stations. These car charging stations would also help the UK realize objectives to eliminate all new fuel-burning car sales by 2040.

Energy Leaders Shifting Gears

Some of the fossil fuel giants are also investing in electric car charging stations. British Petroleum (BP) recently purchased electric car charging station company Chargemaster. Chargemaster charging stations will be installed in 6,500 BP locations in the UK over the next year. These electric car charging stations will offer ultrafast 150-kw chargers allowing EV drivers to get back on the road quickly. Tufan Erginbilgic, Chief Executive of BP Downstream, believes that electric car charging stations need to be both convenient and efficient. In order to successfully transition into the EV energy sector, BP is investing in electric car charging stations aggressively. It would not be surprising if other energy firms did not follow suit.

Car Companies Moving Up the Supply Chain

Tesla has been providing both its EV models and electric car charging stations for years. In fact, Tesla is also partnering with businesses to advance its electric charging stations for Tesla’s Semis. But other EV companies are also considering electric car charging stations as part of their offerings. Porsche recently developed an 800-volt, 350-kw ultrafast electric car charging station to be used with its new EV model. It will release a new car, the Taycan, next year. With these new electric car charging stations, the Taycan can be 80% recharged within 15 minutes. Likewise, Porsche eventually plans to install over 500 of its electric car charging stations in the US and Canada. Any EV with a standard CCS port will be able to use the Porsche charging stations in the future.

Private Industries on the Scene

A number of private firms have also entered the electric car charging market. Fastned, a Dutch company, is expanding electric car charging stations across Europe. Likewise, several California-based electric car charging station companies have gained a market presence. However, Electrify America deserves recognition as a major electric car charging station in the US. The company plans to construct 2,000 fast electric car charging stations at nearly 500 sites in the near future. In addition, the majority will be located at Walmart stores allowing high visibility, convenience and access. Electrify America, created from Volkswagen settlement funds, is partnering with Greenlots in developing this expansive electric car charging station network.

Build Electric Car Charging Stations and They Will Come

With so many market players involved in electric car charging station development, anything is possible. But one thing is certain. With more electric car charging stations, barriers to make the switch to EVs will be less. Infrastructure in transportation is essential. And when it comes to electric car charging stations, many are betting that these will be a game-changer.


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