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Google’s Secret Aircraft Plans Uncovered

digital illustration of the biggest aircraft carrier in the world

An aircraft is an important medium when it comes to transporting parcels and people. It lets people travel a long distance in an efficient and fast way. A lot of builders want to create and innovate airships for the sole purpose of making lives easier and comfortable.

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, has been interested with airships for a very long time. And now, there are circulating reports that Brin has been secretly creating a dirigible aircraft inside Hangar 2 at the NASA Ames Research Center, which is a bold action. He started to build his own back in 2014.

Infographic of Google's secret dirigible aircraft silhouette.

The tech influencer, however, denied the reports. Bloomberg has quoted Brin, “Sorry, I don’t have anything to say about this topic right now.”

The massive airship was said to have looked like a zeppelin, which now is stationed at a Silicon Valley research facility.

Brin’s appreciation for airships began when he visited Ames, which is located next to the headquarters of Alphabet Incorporated in Mountain View, California.

According to a report, Alan Weston, a former Director of Programs at NASA Ames, is in charge of constructing Brin’s aircraft project. Weston was also said to have a background when it comes in producing such an uncommon enterprise.

Google’s Aircraft Project

Alan Weston joined the Air Force doing engineering works for the Strategic Defense Initiative of the U.S. Government. After his bold journey with the Air Force, Weston joined NASA, performing on different projects like the development of a low-cost lunar lander.

New airship technologies have the promise to reduce the cost of moving things per ton-mile by up to an order of magnitude.

Weston once described his plans for an aircraft that could be used in order to haul cargo. According to an interview with him back in 2013, he stated that “New airship technologies have the promise to reduce the cost of moving things per ton-mile by up to an order of magnitude.”

Speculation about Brin’s secret aircraft project is far from over. It was reported that old pictures of USS Macon, which is a lighter-than-air rigid aircraft, have inspired him to carry on to building a massive aircraft. Unfortunately, Macon crashed eight years ago, off the coast of California after experiencing a storm. Two of its crew members died in the incident.

The idea of building huge aircraft still has merit, especially when it comes to traveling or shipping. Brin’s concept is a bold move on the way to creating a truly autonomous flying vehicle. His idea offers a glimpse of what the future holds when it comes to advanced aircraft development.

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