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Electric cars – vehicles you can plug in to charge and run – is still dominating the market and remains the popular choice among young adults. This trend has a bold impact on society and the environment, because it means that drivers and car buyers of the future, will be choosing the all-electric version over their hybrid and diesel counterparts.

The Consumer Federation of America has released the results of a survey comparing the sales of plug-in vehicles and hybrid cars on their first five years in the market. Green Car Reports says plug-ins have done consistently well since its release in December 2010. Hybrid cars, on the other hand, were not as popular given that there was less support and incentives at the time it came out.

Hybrid Vs. Electric Cars

During the first 10 years of hybrid cars, it was seen as elite and impractical, although the reality was that hybrid cars then were less expensive than the first electric car models that came out.

Electric Cars vs Hybrid
This year, more powerful electric vehicles are expected to roll out the dealership. They don’t only come with longer than 200 mile ranges, the units are also mass-priced. Among them are the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, a second-generation Nissan Leaf, and the much-awaited Tesla Model 3.

If there’s a slight dip in sales in recent months, it’s only because consumers tend to want to wait for the newer models to be released.

Hybrid and electric cars are bold innovations in the transportation industry. It’s a move towards using a more stable energy source and is also a means to minimize carbon footprint which harms the environment. It is a good thing that electric and hybrid cars are now being promoted as the better and preferred mode of transportation.

According to NBC, New York is offering residents a $2,000 rebate to boost the sales and use of electric, hybrid cars, and hydrogen fuel cell cars in the state. The local government has also earmarked $15 million to create charging stations, consumer education and other ways to promote electric car use.  Electric cars are making waves in the automotive market, widening the space for new, bolder developments such as solo electric cars and self-driving technology.

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