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Tesla Semi Trucks: Musk Has Done It Again

Futuristic rendering of the Telsa semi truck

Every time technology meets a specific industry, innovation usually follows. Elon Musk is just one of many inventors who continue to challenge what people have now, to transform these into something else for the future.

The seasoned Tesla chief executive officer (CEO) feels like he is just getting started. From developing the Hyperloop to proposing the Musk electric jet, Musk is eager to create bold solutions.

During a launch event in Hawthorne, California, the well-known South African business magnate presented two new technological advancements, namely the Roadster 2.0 sports car and the Semi truck, both of which were described as heavy-duty and all-electric.

The creation of the Semi (in addition to the Roadster 2.0) can revolutionize the trucking industry and it also promises to compete with rail carriers.

Musk said, “We want a vehicle that feels incredible and accelerates like no other.”

Comparing and Contrasting

According to Musk, the traditional diesel trucks can be operated for $1.51 per mile, but when it comes to Tesla Semi, it will be cheaper for only $1.26. The operation price will get even lower once a convoy method is used.

For a convoy to work, Semi trucks are connected using their Autopilot technology system. The Autopilot system can do the following:

A good thing about the convoy method is that the operations will just cost $0.85 per mile. This is one of the reasons Musk mentioned that the Tesla Semi could compete and even defeat the rail system.

  • Match the truck speed to traffic conditions
  • Keep the truck within its lane
  • Switch lanes without needing the input of the driver
  • Let the truck exit the freeway whenever the drop off is already near
  • Park either through a nearby parking spot or through driver’s house garage

Tesla has indeed met many expectations as its Semi truck also delivers a better drag coefficient of 0.36 – a rate that beats several modern cars including the Bugatti Chiron hypercar.

Something About Tesla Semi Truck

Since both the Semi truck and the Roadster 2.0 are electricity-powered vehicles, they need to recharge in a special charging station called the “Megacharger.” This station provides an additional 400 miles of range on the trucks in just 30 minutes.

Reports suggested that production will start in 2019 and it will cost businesses $5,000 for just the reservation. It was also discussed that consumers will get the chance to choose the color of the truck.

Is There Stiff Competition?

Companies like Daimler, Cummins, and Bosch all announced plans to delve into creating small delivery vehicles and electric semi-trucks. There are also others such as Siemens, an electrical and electronics engineering services company, already trying to electrify commercial trucks.

Startups companies including Wrightspeed, Nikola, and Chanje are also on board to what seems to be a new trend in the transportation market.

The efforts of Musk to take on innovation must have come from his goal, which is to lessen global warming through the production and consumption of sustainable energy. Tesla still has a lot of tricks up its sleeve and people can’t wait for the next mind-blowing invention that will surely create a bold impact on the society.

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