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Uber Self Driving Car Is Back On The Road

Uber Self driving car is back on the road - Uber

Uber Technologies, Inc. self-driving cars are back on the road, after a three-day hiatus following a high-impact crash in Tempe, AZ.

The crash made headlines over the weekend because it was one of the most damaging impacts for self-driving cars at this time. The Uber car was hit with sufficient force to turn it over on its side.

Uber Self Driving Car on Pause

As a precaution, Uber shut down the entire self-driving car program which is being tested in three cities; Tempe, AZ, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh. The company thoroughly examined their protocols to determine if the Uber car was in any way responsible for the accident.

The company concluded on Monday that the other driver was at fault, and failed to yield as it should have for the Uber car.

Uber self driving cars are the next bold step as it will greatly reduce the cost of  trips. Currently the driver collects about 80% of the revenue for each trip. Eliminating the driver will bring low cost, safer transportation to more Uber customers.

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