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What’s Happening With Hyperloop Transportation Technologies?

Hyperloop Transportation technologies Rail Concept

Construction on the much awaited Hyperloop Passenger Capsule has finally begun in Toulouse, France. The first full-scale model of this bold idea for pneumatic travel is expected to be completed in 2018 and will drastically change the transportation industry in forthcoming years.

This project from Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) was originally targeted to launch in the US, traveling from Greater Los Angeles to San Francisco. However, the first working model for the high speed passenger capsule will be manufactured and tested in France, where the company’s Research and Development arm is located, Forbes reports.

“The Hyperloop capsule will measure 98.5 feet (30m) in length (which is about six cars parked close together), nine feet (2.7 m) in diameter and weighs in at 20 tons. The fastest train in Japan, the Maglev bullet train, goes up to 374 mph (603 kph), but the Hyperloop capsule is expected to move at speeds of 760 mph (1223 km) per hour,” it said.

Hyperloop projects around the globe

The tech and transport world has been anticipating developments on this capsule since it was first announced in 2012. Billionaire and tech proponent Elon Musk disclosed his bold vision of high velocity passenger travel inside a reduced-pressure tube. HTT is competing directly with Musk’s Hyperloop One in the race for this alternative means of transportation.

“It has been crucial in our development to go past the simple requirements of freight in order to build a better and safer system for everyone”

“We are building the world’s first full scale passenger hyperloop capsule. We are taking a passenger first approach to guarantee that safety is always our number one concern. It has been crucial in our development to go past the simple requirements of freight in order to build a better and safer system for everyone,” First Post quoted HTT CEO Dirk Ahlborn.

The completed capsules will be used in the Hyperloop commercial system which is projected to be the fastest mode of travel in the world. The first working model is being built in collaboration with Carbures S.A., a company known for its expertise in building fuselages for the aviation and aerospace industries.

Hyperloop One, on the other hand, has announced that it will be working closely with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority for a possible construction project from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. It has likewise secured a $50 million funding to build a Hyperloop that will be used to ferry cargo.

Pneumatic travel is one of the boldest innovations of the decade. It proves that ideas borne out thinking outside the box can leave a bold and lasting impact on society.

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