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Xponential 2017: Drone Convention Go Bold

Drone Convention at Xponential 2017

Drones are going to change the world. They will change the way we do business, deliver items, inspect and repair far-flung infrastructure, monitor wildlife and remote areas, build, explore, and play. It’s one of the most imaginative and interesting sectors in industry today. To discover more about the world of drones, Bold Business is attending AUVSI Exponential, the largest trade show in the world for unmanned systems, robotics, and drones. From May 8 to 11, 2017, more than 7,000 industry leaders and creators  will attend the drone convention in Dallas, Texas.

Bold Business at Xponential 2017 Drone Convention

Bold Business is going to be part of that, learning from the best in industry and research, discovering which businesses of the 600 in attendance have a chance to make a difference, and taking part in educational sessions and demonstrations.

Xponential 2017 will host industry professionals from more than 55 countries and 20 distinct industries. And the companies in attendance range from small startups to giants like Lockheed Martin. They vary from manufacturers of drones and robotic vehicles, to cable and parts makers, as well as software developers for systems, and engineering services to develop and manage these complex enterprises.

There’s a new world dawning. Bold Business will be there to cover it.

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