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9 Smart Solutions to Talent Shortages

Check out the 28-minute digital event that tackles talent acquisition issues in game show-style!

Finding top talent and qualified candidates to complete your team is getting increasingly difficult. But there are some creative solutions that can help!
Join author and Columbia University Professor Bruce Craven, Frontier Communications executive Jason Fields, and Bold Business CEO Ed Kopko as they dig into these issues by tackling the lightning-round board.

Watch the 28-minute video!

Gain Insight from a Leadership Perspective, Hear Practical Ideas, and Learn Some Creative Solutions

Leadership, Practical Ideas, and Creative Solutions
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“Culture and leadership start at the top of the organization, so if you’re at the top, you want to be involved.” – Bruce Craven

“Be creative on the front end with the talent that you’re trying to bring in… There may be some creative things you can do on the compensation side so it’s not something that hits you all at once.” – Jason Fields

“We need to hire for the most valuable skills, and not look to have somebody do every single skill that we may want. So if you think about it with hiring a software engineer, you might need a software engineer who really needs to be a manager and leader more than an actual coder. If you spend ungodly amounts of effort making sure they’re a top coder, you’re paying for something that may not be important to your organization.” Ed Kopko


Hear how leadership can improve your talent-war issues

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Three Experts Battle It Out

Ed Kopko

Ed Kopko

Bold Business CEO

Ed is the CEO of Bold Business LLC, a global workforce solutions and media company. He was previously the CEO of Butler International and Chief Executive Magazine.

He has a Masters degree in Economics from Columbia University, and is the author of the self-help book Project Bold Life: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success.

Bruce Craven

Bruce Craven

Columbia University Professor

Bruce is the author of Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones, and teaches Leadership Through Fiction, a popular course at Columbia University that examines leadership lessons through the lens of fiction.

He has been a member of the Columbia Business School Executive Education faculty for over 30 years.

Jason Fields

Jason Fields

Senior VP of Operations at Frontier Communications

Jason is the Senior VP of Operations at Frontier Communications, and leads the transformation, analytics and business continuity teams for Customer Operations.

Over the past 12 years with Frontier, Jason led the Operations teams during $14B worth of mergers and acquisitions, and last year served as interim COO, leading over 10,000 customer operations employees.