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Getting DEI Started: 5 Proven Steps for a Successful Launch


March 24, 2021

About The Webinar

A business with a CEO and executive board committed to and invested in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives is a business on track for success. How does a young, growing company build up diversity, equity and inclusion? There are five moves to make.

What You'll Learn:

The five moves to make to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in a company are:

#1: Building Passion and Consensus for DEI in Your Company

#2: Making the Commitment

#3: Communicating Vision with Insights and Objectives that Share Your Story

#4: Making the Strategy and Vision Come Alive

#5: Don’t Do It Alone, Work With an Expert


Ed Kopko

Ed Kopko

Bold Business CEO and 2019 Diversity MBA Impact Award winner

His book, PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success, debuted at #6 on the Amazon bestseller list, and has been called a “must-read” by Diversity MBA for its diversity, equity and inclusion message.

pamela copy

Pam McElvane


Pam’s passion and experience have led her to create a legacy that contributes to supporting leaders and companies that make a substantial impact for change. Her blended work of publishing, research, recognition, learning solutions and now radio, with The Inclusive Voice, has fostered a platform for original data-based learning that catapults the disciplines of leadership; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and talent management.

Tina Ragland

Tina Ragland

Enterprise Leader, DEI & Learning Development, Pacific Life

Tina Garrett-Ragland currently serves as Enterprise Leader, DEI & Learning Development at Pacific Life and has over 20 years of Global and Domestic Human Resource experience including building and implementing Diversity strategies for large organizations. Tina holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, a Master of Business Administration and is currently pursuing her PHD in Global Leadership and Change.