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Why write for Bold Business? We are a global digital publication. We publish stories on the impact people and businesses make as a result of their bold ideas and actions. We believe that companies and capitalism have a direct impact on positive societal changes. We believe that most of the world’s largest challenges are solved by business and the bold leaders who act to make positive change.

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Our reporting covers digital transformation; food and nutrition; health and longevity; law and society, communications and cybersecurity; energy, leadership, transportation, urban technology, bold leadership, and human achievement.

Why you should write for Bold Business? You want to be heard. People want to listen and learn, that’s why we’re sharing your work with our network. We have a global audience of readers who are entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, and innovators.

We work with writers and industry experts from everywhere around the globe. If you’re an experienced writer who specializes in any of our segments, we want to work with you too!

We value in-depth, relevant, well-researched, informative and well-written articles that offer a punch. Take some time to familiarize yourself with If you think this calling is for you, review our general guidelines below:

  1. Write about what you know and translate your passion into Our readers want to learn from experts.
  2. Be original. We will only accept original content that has not been published anywhere (including your personal blog). No sections of your article can be previously published or taken from other people’s work. We take plagiarism seriously and so should you.
  3. Be thoughtful. We leave repetitive news to the others while we write in-depth information on bold companies, ideas, persons and organizations. If it’s been said elsewhere, there’s no need for us to echo the information.
  4. Provide a working title. Please provide the title of your story in the subject line of your email submission.
  5. Write a compelling introduction. Make your first sentence catchy and give our reader the right reason to stay until your last word. Your lead must help the reader understand what the article is about and why they should read on to the end.
  6. Get to the point. Please keep your article between 700 to 1,000 words.
  7. Include your sources. Please provide any and all references with your submission. If you are writing about a company or a Bold Leader, provide reliable and relevant information about the company or the person. Include only information relevant to the story.
  8. Please, no self-promotional links We can work with you to cross-promote via other avenues.
  9. Be social. We encourage you to share your article on your social media platforms. We will do the same. Please also add keywords that are relevant and provide social value
  10. Voice. Bold Business reports on how businesses and the bold leaders who run them are creating positive societal change. We like to have deep reporting on financials, metrics, and stories that showcase what bold impacts organizations are making on the world.

Although your article may be great, we may make edits to ensure that your story adheres to our voice. All submissions to Bold Business belong to Bold Business and may not be published anywhere as original content.

Upon submission, an editor will receive and review your work. Please keep in mind that we receive several pitches every day and allow for approximately 14 days for a response.

Also, we publish many stories every week and may already be planning a story that is similar to your pitch. We are not responsible for any similarities between our future stories and your submission. Should we want to move forward with your story idea, we will tell you in writing.

Thank you for sharing our BOLD mission and vision. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

John Miles

Associate Publisher

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