Health & Longevity


Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry with growing numbers of hospitals, hospital systems, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, biotechnology firms and numerous other businesses supporting the heatlhcare sector. Bold Business identified this as a key domain due to the increasing size of the industry as well as the concerns that form around it such as rising prescription costs, on-going health insurance debates, the impact on society of caring for an ageing population among a number of other issues. There are also great strides in technology for healthcare in robotics, nanotechnology and clinical trials, which have helped people combat disease, disability, and mental health issues. On the other hand, less-economically developed countries are looking to gain access to basic care and supplies.

What is the future of healthcare?

While there have been great advancements in the quality and availability of healthcare, there have also been increases in the number of people requiring it. With a growing global population, less economically developed and emerging countries have to cope with providing healthcare to a drastically increased population, while more economically developed countries must cope with ageing populations and self-inflicted illnesses. With the growth of technology developments in healthcare, there have been bold leaps in robotics, apps for fitness and wellness, gene therapy, clinical trials, nanotechnology, among numerous other bold innovations to help people. The key issues in the years to come will be how the healthcare industry responds to ageing populations and their needs, and to groups developing diabetes and heart disease due to poor nutritional choices. There will also be strides taken to improve the availability of healthcare to less economically developed countries by making vaccines more available as well as increased medical training. With bold leaders focused on philanthropy, there will be huge strides in providing basic healthcare to everyone.

Printing Life, Capillaries Made with 3D Printers

3D printing technology, is a game-changer for many industries. From items like shoes to the parts of an airplane, companies exploring the magic of printing items on demand in small runs. One of the most interesting areas of research with 3D printing is in the medical and scientific communities. Because of the self-organizing nature of cells, 3D printing shows the promise to print tissue and is even being used for ...

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Roche Acquires Diabetes App, Digital Healthcare Breakthrough

Attractive woman testing blood sugar for diabetes with small device.

Healthcare giant Roche acquired online and digital diabetes monitor mySugr and is turning it into a leading global dietary aid. Roche will improve the digital platform with the latest graphics, facts and figures and ensure it’s a useful tool to help manage the life-threatening condition. The firm’s goal is “to make diabetes suck less” and to help the world population suffering with the chronic illness. According to CDC, it is ...

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Surgical Robot Breakthrough, STAR

Surgery being performed by a robot.

STAR is a Finalist in the 2017 NASA iTech Challenge Robotic assisted surgery has come a long way in the past decade. The Da Vinci robot is popular and proficient at a range of surgeries and has been regarded as a medical breakthrough. Yet, robots like the Da Vinci are not truly autonomous; a surgeon still operates the tools, albeit remotely. The development of a truly autonomous robot has remained ...

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Richest Doctor in America; Expands Genomic Testing

image of genomic testing in a lab with test tubes

NantWorks recently acquired a controlling stake in Integrity Healthcare, effectively taking over the management of six hospitals which will now go by the name of Verity Health. The acquisition is a bold but calculated move which opens up more possibilities for NantWorks research, including genomic testing and cancer research. At the same time, there is an opportunity for the hospitals to expand their services and upgrade their equipment. The hospitals ...

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Hacking Insomnia With Smart Goggles

Man with VR goggles and burst of light.

Workaholics, insomniacs, athletes or just about anyone in need of good, restful sleep can soon snap on a pair of “smart goggles” and doze off. This bold new medical device uses light and sound pulse emissions to trigger sleep – even in the most difficult patients. It was created by the Sana Sleep company and is due for release in 2018. The smart goggles resemble a VR headset and make ...

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Amazon Takes on Pharmacy Market

Amazon is entering the pharmacy market

Amazon has announced that it plans to take on the pharmacy market in the United States. Industry sources say their latest venture into pharmaceuticals is a serious one, and the company is keen to take a slice of the $300 billion-a-year industry. According to MSN Money, Amazon is on the brink of hiring a top pharmacy market leader to help break into the multibillion-dollar enterprise. The company has already started ...

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Brain-Computer Interface Overcomes Stroke Paralysis

Medical breakthrough with brain computer interface

Technology developed by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis helps stroke victims to regain their mobility. The technique “teaches” the brain motor skills, using electrical signals to train the stroke victim’s brain to use uninjured parts of the brain for movement. This system can allow people to regain mobility after a stroke. Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States.  Paralysis is ...

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Patent Wars, Nokia and Apple Agree to Truce

Apple and Nokia are partners

Tech giants Apple and Nokia have proven once again that in business, there are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. The two companies, known for their extended patent disputes and public mudslinging suddenly patched things up and entered into a new licensing agreement. According to reports, Apple will resume selling Nokia’s health products formerly sold under the brand Whitings. Recall that shortly after Nokia sued Apple for patent ...

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Synthetic Biology – Pushing The Boundaries Of Healthcare

Synthetic Biology helping patients

Synthetic biology is at the forefront of developments in various important fields, healthcare being just one of these areas. This branch of science is expected to make a bold difference to medicine with on-going research in healthcare, projects in waste remediation, the life sciences, as well as the creation of specialty chemicals. Researchers believe that by pursuing advancements in this hybrid discipline, where they boldly redesign biological components and systems, ...

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Is the Bionic Eye for Real?

Bionic Eye can help people see.

Nearly 40 million people suffer from blindness around the world with another 124 million people hampered by poor vision. It’s no wonder that researchers from Second Sight focused on creating novel ways in order to restore sight. Scientists have developed the bionic eye, a small digital camera that became a medical breakthrough. Second Sight, a California-based company, calls this the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System. Bionic Eye Is FDA Approved ...

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