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Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry with growing numbers of hospitals, hospital systems, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, biotechnology firms and numerous other businesses supporting the heatlhcare sector. Bold Business identified this as a key domain due to the increasing size of the industry as well as the concerns that form around it such as rising prescription costs, on-going health insurance debates, the impact on society of caring for an ageing population among a number of other issues. There are also great strides in technology for healthcare in robotics, nanotechnology and clinical trials, which have helped people combat disease, disability, and mental health issues. On the other hand, less-economically developed countries are looking to gain access to basic care and supplies.

What is the future of healthcare?

While there have been great advancements in the quality and availability of healthcare, there have also been increases in the number of people requiring it. With a growing global population, less economically developed and emerging countries have to cope with providing healthcare to a drastically increased population, while more economically developed countries must cope with ageing populations and self-inflicted illnesses. With the growth of technology developments in healthcare, there have been bold leaps in robotics, apps for fitness and wellness, gene therapy, clinical trials, nanotechnology, among numerous other bold innovations to help people. The key issues in the years to come will be how the healthcare industry responds to ageing populations and their needs, and to groups developing diabetes and heart disease due to poor nutritional choices. There will also be strides taken to improve the availability of healthcare to less economically developed countries by making vaccines more available as well as increased medical training. With bold leaders focused on philanthropy, there will be huge strides in providing basic healthcare to everyone.

3D Printed Bones Change Medical Field

highlighted image of upper spine

One of the promises of 3D printing technology is for the customized creation of body parts. Making custom part replacement for important organs would be a bold action and a big breakthrough. However, for now, internal organs are still out of the question. What has been happening lately are a few instances of bone replacements. Bone is a prime candidate for 3D printing as the materials currently available have almost ...

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Knee Arthritis, Huge Increase in US

physical therapist manipulates patient's knee

While weight and age are both factors in knee arthritis, researchers believe there must be something more in the modern lifestyle to account for the huge increase in the past few generations. According to official figures, the prevalence of the condition has more than doubled since the 1940s. Discovering the cause of the arthritis increase can have a bold impact on the quality of life of many people, in addition ...

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Genetic Drivers to Brain Cancer Discovered

DNA strand, brain diagram and doctor

Scientists have uncovered the genetic drivers behind a deadly form of brain cancer. This discovery has been likened to finding the cure for cancer. Experts say successful research into the deadly glioblastoma brain cancer could be applied to other forms of cancer to help beat the disease completely. While in the early stages, this discovery will have bold impact around the world in understanding and treating cancer. According to Medical ...

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DNA Editing in Human Embryos

Scientist replacing bits of DNA

Scientists are getting closer to perfecting DNA editing in human embryos, increasing the ability to snip out inherited genetic diseases from human offspring. For decades, scientists have been tinkering with the DNA of humans as well as other living things. Previous attempts by Chinese researchers proved unsuccessful because of some safety concerns. These studies, open the possibility of preventing the transfer of genetic diseases from one generation to another, raised ...

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Stem Cell Hair Growth could Cure Baldness

A stylish barber shop.

As most men can testify, losing the hair on your head can be a humiliating experience as you age, sometimes causing severe psychological distress. However, experts claim this could become a thing of the past, as scientists have discovered a cure for baldness by growing hair from stem cells. According to Medical News Today, scientists from the University of South Carolina are developing the practice after “uncovering key molecular events ...

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Digital Tech for Mental Health Development Is Slow

brain illustration on surreal background.

In the great health care debates, mental health is often one of the first items to be cut. The uncertainty has led to a situation in which there has been relatively little innovation and modernization over the years. Yet, it is a field in which technology could be hugely helpful, saving cost and improving lives. Many of the bold ideas that could impact mental health are already used in other ...

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Economic Opportunity, Senior Healthcare

Seniors in Yoga Class

The population of the United States and most of the developed world is aging. It is estimated that by 2030, more than one-fifth of the population of the United States will be composed of senior citizens. To care for this aging population, the healthcare industry is exploring new technology in order to provide needed services and assistance to the elderly. Very little healthcare tech has been developed specifically for seniors. ...

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Human Embryo Customization

Helix and formulas for gene selection capabilities.

Genome editing is here, and with it, the ability to customize human embryos. For generations, it has been a dream to be able to correct birth defects before a child is born. Now it is possible. Of course, as with new technologies, this raises questions. While almost everyone would agree with correcting a debilitating or painful condition. But, what about selecting eye color, height, or sex? Gene technology brings these ...

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IT May Reduce Healthcare Costs

Doctor Using Tablet and brain scan images

A severe disconnect has emerged in the way technology is utilized for healthcare in the U.S. Yet, in terms of technology investment, the US healthcare system is ahead of many other countries. Currently, the US is the leader in health care technology development in terms of spending. This issue can be traced to outdated delivery systems and restrictive regulations. The bold challenge for IT to save the healthcare system is ...

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Tech Giants Eye Positions in Healthcare

high tech eyes helalthcare

Tech companies have been reluctant to enter the health care market. Some of the reasons are that heavily regulated healthcare is tediously slow in terms of innovation, while tech companies evolve in cycles that take months rather than decades. Except for a relatively few traditional companies, like HP and IBM, most tech companies have shied away from healthcare. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon have not fully embraced ventures ...

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