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  • Oren Cass

    Reform the EPA, Oren Cass with Bold

    Regulatory agencies like the EPA have a bad habit of trying to cure all the ills of the world through regulation. It’s like the old saw, if you give a guy a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Given this well-known dynamic, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that a group of bureaucratic regulators believe that the world needs a lot more regulations.

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  • Jeff Bezos kicks fridge off a roof cartoon

    Bezos Wants to Ditch the Fridge

    Amazon is making a bold move in the food delivery industry. Their latest acquisition is a food technology which allows food to be sterilized quickly using pressurized water and microwave heating. The food retains its flavor and nutrients and can be kept on the shelf for up to a year. The bold technology would be a perfect fit for Amazon’s food delivery model. The food can be prepared and on the shelves, and delivered to customers even without the need for refrigeration.

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Featured Story

  • Trump in front of a highway.

    Trump Transportation Department Clears Way for Driverless Cars

    The Department of Transportation just released guidelines on autonomous vehicles. This is the Trump Administration’s first formal statement regarding autonomous vehicles. The new guidelines help to standardize and create a framework that will allow autonomous vehicle technology to move forward and for the United States to continue to hold a leadership role in the industry. This is a bold action that will have sweeping effects on the economy.

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Saudi Arabia and Chinese flags in front of a nuclear reactor

Saudis and China Ink Nuclear Deal

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently signed a multi-project agreement with China that includes nuclear energy projects. The oil-rich kingdom is trying to diversify in order to use their oil production for export. This bold move is a direct offshoot of a 20912 memorandum of understanding between Saudi Arabia and ...

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Mountain town and lake

Nederland, CO, Going 100% Renewable

The quiet town of Nederland, Colorado, with roughly a couple thousand residents, has committed to a bold action that presents a competitive challenge to the rest of the state, as well as the US – maybe even the world. They’re aiming for 100% renewable energy use by the year 2025. ...

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Map of China and Taiwan and power plant.

Global Impact of Taiwan’s Electricity Problem

On August 15th at 5 pm (Taiwan time) 668,000 homes, multiple office buildings, commercial establishments, and city streets all plunged into darkness. Phone lines also went dead for a few hours as the rapid pace of this highly industrialized city, which supplies technical components to the biggest companies in the ...

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View of the London Skyline

Britain to Ban Sale of All Gas and Diesel

Nitrogen oxide is the global warming culprit that has been ignored by many, unfortunately, for a very long time. This element has led to huge costs to both the environment as well as human health. People who have been exposed to nitrogen oxides for a long period time may experience ...

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